Persistence Needed for Goals to Succeed

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Are your New Year’s resolutions going by the wayside already? Other goals off track too? Don’t feel bad. You’ve got plenty of company. Changing old habits is tough and replacing them with new ones is even tougher. But don’t continue to drift in a sea of failure. Take stock of what’s happening and chart a new course if you need to.

  • Admit If You’re Not Ready to Change

Many people set goals because they think they should without really being committed to change. There’s no shame in admitting that you’re really not ready to do things differently. If you’re comfortable with your life as it is – even though changing some habits might be good for you –no change is going to take place. Great persistence is necessary to develop new behavior so don’t waste time pretending if you truly don’t want to put forth this kind of effort. Kick the goal to the curb and spend your time and mental energy on something else for now.

  • Set More Attainable Goals

If you do want to stick with your resolution but are finding it tough, re-assess your expectations and adjust them if necessary. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to set goals that are quicker or easier to attain than to strive for changes that are too ambitious at this point in your life and circumstances. Ramp down your expectations a bit. Or ramp them down a lot if this makes them more doable. If you know darn well that you’re not going to wake up at 4 am everyday to put in an hour at the gym, instead try taking the stairs at work or park at the far end of the lot in order to get more exercise. Attaining an easier goal will make you feel much better than totally failing to follow through with grander goals.

  • Work At It!

Whether goals are large or small, attaining them successfully requires self-discipline and persistence. You’ve got to work at it!! But rather than viewing this as a chore you’ve got to work on forever until it finally takes hold in the future, embrace the new behavior now as if it’s already a part of your daily life. This will feel artificial for a while and thoughts that spark old habits will pop up, but don’t be afraid of this or expect them to vanish. Like everything else you learn to do well, the new behavior will become more automatic and require less deliberate effort over time.

It is great to make resolutions and to set goals to improve your life. This is how we grow. But there’s no law that you must make them or stick with them. If you do, though, remember that you must put forth the effort and persistence necessary to succeed. Success doesn’t just happen. You make it happen!

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