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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Most retailers understand the connection between customer relations and the success of their business, but many professionals believe that all they need to concern themselves with is their competency. Knowing your craft is essential, but your “people skills” are vital too. Customers like to feel that they matter to you and will honor you with their repeat business when you do.

  • Be Glad to See Your Customers

You may be the best at what you do, but when your mug shows indifference or aloofness, don’t expect clients to be raring to return to see you. Some customers will overlook the fact that you seem interpersonally challenged. But many will move on to someone who can at least appear happy to see them. This doesn’t mean you have to be super-friendly and chatty. A simple smile and word of welcome often will do just fine. And make sure you open the office on time, that you are on time for appointments, and that your staff has a welcoming demeanor too. This all says that you value your customers and appreciate that they choose to do business with you rather than one of your competitors. Unfortunately, it is often the case that professionals and their staff practically rejoice when clients cancel or don’t show up. They relish the relief in their heavy caseloads but miss the important point: Without these clients, they would have no business or employment!

  • Return Phone Calls

As with the aloof demeanor, not returning customer phone calls presents you in a negative light. You may care deeply about your clients, but failing to respond to their contacts does not communicate this. Yes, there are always some customers who overdo it and can get on your nerves. But, they are your client for a reason, so take time to figure out what it is they really need. Once taken care of properly, any further calls are likely to be to commend you and refer you to others. The same can be said about calls from colleagues and, in some cases, even telemarketers! Who has time for all this? Hopefully, you will make time – even after office hours — because you never know who your next referral source may be. Don’t make a big deal out of this. Just do it. And be sure to take time to thank those who direct business to you. They have many choices and you need to appreciate their selection of you.

  • Help with Referrals

You know your profession but you can’t do it all, so when a client need emerges that is outside of your scope of business or organization, be generous. Recommend your colleagues. Clients appreciate your assistance in finding the expertise they need and value your recommendations. And your colleagues will appreciate you too.

It is important to value your customers and those who refer them to you. It’s not enough just to be great at what you do. Be great at how you treat those who keep you in business too!

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