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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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There is always much ado about “star” employees who are top performers in a company. This is great and their achievement should be recognized. But what about those who keep the business chugging along – through thick or thin – rain or shine? They are typically overlooked and, though they rarely complain openly, understandably feel unappreciated. Since they are typically your most loyal workers who are least likely to jump ship when another opportunity comes their way, take care to celebrate them too!

  • Change the Recognition Paradigm

You’re the boss, so use your authority to re-define “stars” in your workplace so that steady, unwavering performers who keep your business on course are considered “winners” too. Their achievements won’t earn the “Wow!’s” like the others, but will be more highly regarded once you begin to make a fuss over them. It also signals to other employees that it’s not always necessary to be on center stage -– that there’s dignity and honor in working behind the scenes and supporting others for the overall success of the organization.

  • Spotlight Steady Performers

Making a fuss over those who keep things running doesn’t have to mean holding a big shindig or recognition ceremony, though they’re fine too. You can raise the profile of these employees by pointing out their contributions at staff meetings, gathering the department in the lunchroom to acknowledge these steadfast team members, giving them opportunities to represent the company at various meetings or activities internally or in the community, or by finding other ways of spotlighting their specialness.

  • Value Longevity

As businesses continue to jettison long-term employees to maximize profits, the message being sent loud and clear is that there is no benefit to being loyal to an employer. Steady performers who have sacrificed for the good of your business deserve better treatment than this. Even if there is no chance that they will work for you long enough to retire, they should feel that the years they’re giving you are valued. Be creative. Find ways to applaud their service. No one likes to feel unappreciated.

There is room in every organization to recognize the super stars as well as those who keep things running without fanfare. Your success wouldn’t be possible without their consistency, so make sure that they get kudos too!


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