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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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The New Year is a great time to pursue your passion. Sure this sounds corny and, in this bad economy — does not mean quitting your day job to set sail for Tahiti. But it is the case that engaging in activities you enjoy fuels happiness and success, not the other way around. So now is a great time to power your life.

  • What Makes You Happiest?

A lot of people refuse to ponder this question because it seems like a sappy and useless exercise. Understandably, you are focused on the realities of everyday living which often has little to do with what you want, but rather with what you have to do to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. But don’t assume that your passion has to play out in your job. Many people find fulfillment and joy in their leisure time instead. Sure, it’s great if the work you do incorporates this passion, but if this is not possible at this point in your life, pursue those volunteer activities, hobbies and other avocations that excite you. They will make you smile and bring much-needed happiness to your life.

  • What Makes You Shine?

Seems simple enough to identify those things that make you happy, but sometimes it’s tough to brand them as “passions”. Try honing in on those activities that showcase you and your talents best. Those that make you shine! People will tell you that you were “on your game” and that you “rocked” during these times. Think of the times you secretly shouted “Yes!” and recall how proud of yourself you felt. Take stock of these occasions and look for common themes both in and outsideof work. This will give you an indication of the type of experiences that truly excite your soul. Make it a point to pursue more of these.

  • What’s Your Legacy?

Whether you’re young or old, what do you want to be known for? What mark do you want to leave in life? Work backwards by thinking about the things that matter most to you. Where do want to make a difference? If you’re stuck, take some cues from the types of writing you do, the types of books you read, the types of movies you watch, and the types of places you visit. Take your top couple of choices in each category and chances are you’ll notice a similar storyline. Consider this a very likely indication of the storyline of your passion and a possible hint towards your sense of life purpose and mission.

Finding your passion can take a little work, but is well worth your time and energy. Don’t quit your day job to pursue it unless you’ve done the math and know you can survive, but do look for new professional opportunities as well as leisure activities that stir your soul to boost your level of self-fulfillment, contentment and happiness this New Year!


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