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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Many people wait their entire lives to be asked to join a touted organization, to be selected for key opportunities, or to occupy prestigious roles in their profession or communities. They believe that it’s up to others to assess their “value,” so they just sit back and stew as they are overlooked year after year. Don’t be one of them. Nominate yourself!

  • Acknowledge Your Own Value

Reassure yourself that you probably are more than qualified for the opportunities that are of interest to you. Of course it’s very flattering to have others seek you out, but they don’t determine your self-worth. Reflect on your many life experiences and accomplishments. Remember the high energy and effort you put into activities that you take on. An organization will be grateful to have you onboard. But you have to embrace your own self-worth first.

  • Document Your Successes

Once you boost belief in yourself, chronicle your professional and/or personal history with particular attention to the skills, talents, and experiences that best match the role you would like to occupy. Assemble testaments to your success that you have on hand. These may be copies of letters of recommendation, certificates of appreciation, awards, or other tangibles that document your accomplishments. You may never have to use your “brag book,” but look at it from time to time to remind yourself of all you’ve done and why you’re qualified for many of the exciting opportunities that come up in the future.

  • Take Action

You have power. You have influence. Don’t wait for people to determine that you’re worthy of an opportunity. Let them know today. Make your interests known. Your colleagues probably will be more than eager to nominate you. But if they don’t, do it yourself. Yes, this is shameless self-promotion, but so what? What’s the worst that will happen? You may not be selected for the role you seek, but at least you put yourself out there and gave it a try!

It’s great to be proactive and to pursue opportunities that interest you. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. You won’t always get what you want, but decision-makers need to know about you — so make sure that they do!


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