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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Summer is a great time to rejuvenate yourself. Businesses are working harder than ever with fewer staff and resources, so be sure that you are fortified for the increased stresses and challenges. Gain strength from your support network and from life’s pleasures that bring you joy. Take advantage of the slower pace that most companies experience in the summer so you feel ready when the new pace kicks in in the Fall.

  • Enjoy Time with Your Family

Family reunions and other gatherings of friends and family abound in the summer, so enjoy them all. The pat on the back here, the kiss on the cheek there, all provide nurturance and refueling. They validate you and the hard work you’re doing year round and signal the message that, no matter what, you’re loved and belong to a family who is there for you. Enjoy that support and relish the attention they heap upon you during these uplifting family times.

  • Rediscover Your Hobbies

The busy pace of the year often prevents enjoyment of favorite hobbies. During the summer, use the downtime to dust off these activities and allow yourself to have some fun! Even if they are activities you do by yourself, this is fine. They warm your soul and bring you joy. This is what makes them rejuvenating for you. And if you’ve never gotten around to developing any recreational interests or hobbies, this is a great time for you to start. It helps you to manage stress and generally brings you pleasure and satisfaction with your life.

  • Be A Bum

It’s essential for you to be productive when you’re at work, but the breaks you get to take during the summer are time for you to chill and do nothing. Bum around. Lounge by the pool. Get extra sleep. You need to rejuvenate yourself so that you’re ready to face the new business cycle, so enjoy your down time fully. Don’t feel the need to “go somewhere good” or “do something” during every minute of this time. It’s okay to have “no purpose” and to simply enjoy lazing around to refuel.

Welcome the summer as a time to rejuvenate yourself. Connect with family and friends you haven’t had time to enjoy, and rediscover those activities that bring you joy but that you never have time to savor because of your hectic pace. This will provide you with nurturance and will fortify you for the business cycle ahead. You’ll feel ready to face the new challenges that await you because of the time you’ve taken to take care of yourself.



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