Set a New Direction for the New Year

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Each New Year stirs excitement and hopes for great success in the months ahead. Even if you’ve been suffering because of the recession and have been feeling down, you probably can admit feeling some hope that things will be better for you this year. But sometimes this requires setting a new direction in order to obtain better outcomes, so don’t be afraid to chart a new course if your old plan isn’t getting you anywhere.

  • Learn from the Past

Evaluate past plans and strategies to determine what worked well for you versus what you need to change. Don’t keep doing the same things if you aren’t getting results. It’s a pretty good bet that you won’t get any better results this year if you don’t do something different.

  • Set a New Direction for the Future

Take what you learned from the past and chart a new course for the future. Sometimes a new direction is necessary, even if it’s unfamiliar and pushes out of your comfort zone. Whether in your career or personal life, it’s important to see results, so don’t hold onto failed strategies. Figure out what you can do differently, learn from others who are thriving, and enjoy the excitement of seeing your new plans unfold.

  • Boost Your Resiliency

Whether you’re still trying to get back on your feet or are enjoying the soaring time of your life, it’s important to remain hardy and resilient. Life has a way of whipping you around and even good stress is, well – stressful. So resolve to take better care of yourself this New Year so that you are well fortified to withstand what’s ahead. Learn to change your thinking so that you view the bumps and scrapes of life as surmountable challenges and remind yourself that you have the grit to successfully overcome them. Even extreme stressors must be viewed as “things that can happen in life” that can be successfully weathered too in spite of their gravity. Reject self-doubt and pessimistic thinking that tries to intrude and rekindle belief in your ability to identify new possibilities when the old ones fail. While there’s no guarantee that all will turn out in your favor, you can bet that dwelling in the valley of negativity and gloom will limit your achievements, if not hold you back altogether.

The New Year is a time for looking forward and expecting the best — even if last year was a bummer. Discard old strategies that haven’t been working and set your sights on new plans that hold promise and stir some excitement within you. Growing emotionally means learning from the past and having the wisdom to understand that a new direction may take you better places in the future.


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