Helplessness Hinders Success

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Many people fail to get ahead in life because helplessness hinders them. They’re easily overwhelmed by challenges and setbacks, and give up quickly because they believe they’re powerless to change their situation. But this is learned behavior. So it’s never too late to learn how to overcome helpless thinking and savor success instead.

  • Accept That You Have Power

Even if you’ve heard your whole life that good things only happen to you by chance, make it your business to challenge this notion. Look back at the times when you’ve done well and search your memory for ways you helped bring that success about. It’s guaranteed that you’ll find some evidence. You do have personal power and must remind yourself of this. If you’re prone to say “it’s just luck” you’ll need to work harder than others to learn to believe in your ability to make things happen in your life.

  • Garner Hope

Those who are prone to helplessness tend to be sorely lacking in hope. And, of course, this only makes matters worse – confirming that things are never going to get better so you might as well give up. Reject this pessimism. Those who view life’s challenges as temporary obstacles bounce back quicker and better. So, even if you don’t really believe it now, train your inner voice to assure you that your bad times are temporary and that happier days are ahead.

  • Take Action

As with most things, it’s not enough just to change your thinking. You have to change your behavior too. If you’re going through some tough times right now, don’t sit back waiting for fate to take a hand. Take action. Chipping away at the problem – even in small ways — beats doing nothing every time. And once you get going, you’re going to feel better about yourself, which builds your confidence further and leads to better decisions and more effective action.

Helplessness keeps you mired in inaction and daunted by the disappointments that life brings your way. Use your personal power to pull out of this pattern and take pride in the success that you make happen in spite of the downtimes along the way.



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