Don’t Be Foolish In Fallen Economy

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Don’t let April Fool’s catch you being foolish about your job and financial situation. In this bad economy, you can be out of work in an instant, so be smart. Put up with your gripes about the job for now. Be thankful that you’re employed and do your best to stay that way.

  • Get Along With Your Boss

Sure, your boss gets on your nerves but do your best to deal with it. This is not a time for whining or for making a big production out of all the things you don’t like about your job. You can bet that your boss is uptight about all the flux in the organization caused by the recession and is probably even more ornery and intolerant than usual. Don’t add to his or her troubles by becoming a problem. Instead, be a problem solver and a stabilizing influence, rather than an underminer. Though he or she may not say so, your boss will appreciate you for this.

  • Be A Team Player

Like your manager, your co-workers are probably uptight and out of sorts too. Everyone is stretched thin because of company layoffs and cutbacks, and resentment about abounds. Some may act out by failing to pick up the extra work, but don’t be one of them. Help the team perform as well as it can and add your good humor and spirit of optimism to the process. In this downsizing climate, make sure your department looks great and worth keeping around.

  • Rein In Your Spending

Whether it’s the company’s money or your own, be mindful of the need to contain costs. You might be accustomed to dining at the finest restaurants while on business travel and staying at the best hotels, but opt for less extravagant choices now. Do your part to help keep your company profitable to avoid a freeze on opportunities altogether. Similarly, watch your personal spending. Monitor how much you’re squandering each day. Build your cash reserves so that you have a better cushion if you’re told that you’re the next one to be let go.

This is a time to be prudent. You may not be thrilled about your current work situation, but at least you’re working so do your best to deal with it. Tomorrow may bring a better economic outlook and opportunities for change, but today be grateful for what you have now.


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