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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Summer is a great time to reflect upon your career as you take some time to relax and refocus. Size up where you’ve been and where you’re headed. This will keep you from simply drifting along – taking what life doles out, rather than setting your sights on what you want.

  • Visualize Your Dream

If you can’t see it, your dream will be difficult to attain. Give it some life. What’s your ideal work situation? What type of work activities would make your heart sing? Play it out in your mind’s eye. This will help you see the many little steps you need to take to get you there.

  • Make An Action Plan

Dreams without action get you nowhere. Make a commitment to get moving. What do you need to do first? What next? Need more training? Update your resume? Meet more people? Make your plans specific, set some priorities, and start chipping away at the most important ones first. Give yourself a deadline, and step up the pace if you’re lagging as the date nears.

  • Evaluate Your Progress

Size up how well you’re doing as your deadlines come and go. Give yourself a slap if you’re all talk and no action. You have the power to change this pattern of negative behavior, so hold yourself accountable if you’re not accomplishing what you said you’d do. Accept that you like dreaming but aren’t really ready to put in the work required to make things happen. Stop fooling yourself and put your energies into something else. But if you’ve taken some steps but just can’t seem to get it together on your own, get some help. Use your success entourage, your support network — family members, friends, colleagues, mentors, coaches, therapists. Let them know what you’re trying to accomplish — and don’t forget to include your timelines. By letting others in on your dreams, they can make it their business to help you. Yes, this puts pressure on you, but this may be just what you need to take yourself to the next level. So don’t balk when they nag you to get moving. Listen to their suggestions and recommendations. Force yourself to walk through the doors they open for you. You may be surprised to find that things start happening before you know it.

Many people fail to grow in their careers because they haven’t clearly identified what they need to do to make their dreams a reality. That’s fine if you’re just musing but essentially are comfortable where you are. But if you want to reach higher, if you feel there is more that you can accomplish, give those dreams some substance and go for it!


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