Pinched by the Economic Squeeze?

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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These are tough economic times. Everyone is feeling the pinch of soaring gas prices, high food and travel costs, as well as a stalled real estate market. Coping with it all can be frustrating and can heighten your awareness of how stressed you feel. Before this leads to a decline in your health and well-being, take steps to minimize the impact:

Establish Your Priorities

The luxury of doing whatever you want, whenever you want is over. These days you have to take time to set priorities and to be careful about how you use your resources. The gas crisis is a painful reminder that some things we rely upon are not in unlimited supply and that we have to adjust the way we’ve been living our lives. You may find that it’s taking you longer to do some things because others are paying closer attention to their resources too — such as airlines, if you’re a regular business traveler. This forces you to come to terms with your values and to establish priorities. Is it more important to stay over after your business meeting to do some networking or to fly home to be present for a family gathering? You probably could’ve done both when flights were plentiful, but now you’ll have to make some choices, including whether the additional cost in time and money is one you can afford.

  • Share with Others

When you can meet others halfway for a business meeting, split the lunch tab with a colleague, or are invited to carpool, take advantage of the opportunity. This is not a time to let pride get in the way. Take the strain off your pocketbook when you can and you’ll feel the reduction in stress this brings to you. In addition to helping yourself, you will be conserving, and will be helping your colleagues and society too in many cases.

  • Redirect Your Focus

If the direction you were headed in can’t be realized now, change course. This is a time to deal with reality and sometimes this means you have to postpone some plans while pursuing those that are more attainable right now. Go with it and get back to your original ambitions once the economy improves.

The frustrations of an economic downturn are upsetting. But in order to be resilient you must adapt to the times and adjust how you do things accordingly. Face the painful realities today, hope for relief tomorrow, and hang in there until the squeeze is over!

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