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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Life can be a bummer. Stuff happens. But the people who understand that downers are just a part of life and who push forward in spite of them are those who tend to excel. Optimists actively deal with problems at hand and remain confident that the future will bring better days. While it helps to have been raised in an atmosphere that fosters confidence and hope, you can learn to have a positive outlook on life so — as the saying goes — start viewing “the glass as half-full rather than half-empty”.

  • Adjust Your Attitude

Rather than be crushed by adversity, learn to view negative experiences as part of the complexity of life. Don’t let problems and disappointments dominate your thinking. And stop complaining. It feeds on itself and causes you to gravitate towards those who are whining and drowning in hopelessness. Accept the reality of the challenges that you face because, for now, they are what they are.

  • Double Your Efforts to Succeed

Success comes to those who make it happen. You must take action to counter adversity and to obtain more positive outcomes in the future. It’s not enough to sit around hoping that things will turn out okay. You have to do something. But understand that you will probably have to do more – and for longer — than usual. Sometimes extraordinary measures are necessary and your efforts may be required for extended periods of time. Optimists don’t dwell on this. They understand that sustained effort is called for in these circumstances and are propelled by their hopes for the future and confidence in their ability to succeed at the things they do.

  • Modify Goals as Realities Change

Optimistic thinking does not mean always finding a “silver lining” and rationalizing that things will turn out great when odds are, they won’t. The future must be anticipated in light of realities now. Find alternative paths to the success you seek when your current path is going nowhere. A new direction is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes the goals we’ve set need modification and life’s challenges help us to realize that it’s time for change. Don’t run from this. Embrace it. There are many exciting new opportunities and experiences out there for you.
Your attitude towards life has a lot to do with how things turn out for you. And you’re never too old to learn. Don’t fall prey to defeat and negative thinking when adversity strikes. Give yourself a healthy dose of optimism and start viewing your life through a more positive lens. You’ll enjoy the view — and will feel the difference!

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