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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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The best managers do a great job of stimulating energy and enthusiasm in their staff. This is especially important at the dawn of a New Year when people reflect on what they’ve accomplished and how they hope to enhance their career success in the future. Since it’s easy for some folks to get mired in regret and to dwell upon their failures, take extra care to perk them up so that they can get unstuck and motivated to change things for the better in the New Year.

  • Adjust Your Attitude

You can’t do much to excite others if your attitude is sour. Staff takes their lead from you, so make sure that you’re displaying enthusiasm about the year ahead and all the great things scheduled to take place at your company. If you feel disappointed about where you are in your own career, this is a great time to review your discontent and make some specific decisions about what you’re going to do about it. Call your mentors. Get coaching. Speak with your manager about any opportunities ahead that you might be considered for. Take action so that you start feeling excited yourself about what the future holds.

  • Compliment Your Crew

HR talent management professionals will tell you that you can never lose by complimenting your employees for a job well done. Rarely is there such a thing as too much praise. Psychologically, few people ever tire from being told how wonderful they are and what a great job they’re doing, so pile it on. Make a habit of looking for what’s working well, rather than spending all your time and attention on the messes and mistakes. Sure, these have to be dealt with too, but understand that many people are starved for attention and will put forth their best efforts when they feel recognized and appreciated.

  • Spread the Word

Don’t stop with your own praise. Let others know about the great things your staff is doing so that they can add to the chorus too. The more recognition the better. Ramp up your corporate communications to include mention of those who are excelling – both in your internal media as well as in material that goes out to the public. Yes, it takes a little more to do all this, but you’ll be surprised at what you gain by doing so. Who doesn’t like to see their name in print or their photo posted on the company Intranet? When people feel that you care they go to great lengths to please and typically are the most loyal employees you’ll ever find.

The New Year is a fine time to help your staff pull out of holiday doldrums and career dejections to view the future with renewed enthusiasm and energy. Recognizing their accomplishments motivates many to think of new ways to make their mark of success on the company. Help rekindle their hopes about the possibilities, give them more to look forward to, and they will reward you with their best every time.

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