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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Many managers fail to keep great staff on board because they are lousy delegators. They hoard the important work for themselves and make sure they attend all the prestigious and fun events. Bright, dedicated employees are not going to stick around for long when they feel unable to advance professionally. Being assigned a steady stream of tasks that offer little challenge, stimulation, or opportunity to increase their profile at your firm is a sure-fired way to get these folks heading for the door. Be a dynamic delegator. Be confident enough to allow staff to strut their stuff. When they look good, you look even better.

  • Don’t Dump Junk

Sure, there are always totally boring activities that have to be done in every job –and somebody’s got to do them. And, yes, unloading some of this would free you up for more interesting tasks. But often this equates to asking subordinates to do busy work or tasks that do not make use of their education and experience, not tasks that increase their understanding of their job, their role in your department and the company, or that add to their professional development. This can be highly insulting and causes employees to feel that they are doomed to life in the “lackey” role if they stay at your firm.

  • Share Some Good Stuff

Don’t act as if your staff is incompetent. Give them a chance. When the next great project comes along, give them a piece of it. This will let you see what they’re capable of – or where you need to spend some time and money helping them learn the ropes. People generally start jobs with a lot of energy and enthusiasm but this wanes quickly if they don’t find a way to showcase their strengths. Sure, their daily tasks provide them with a lot of this. But most have their eye on advancement and are looking for ways to position for that next promotion. You can provide these types of opportunities. They are powerful incentives and go a long way to building employee loyalty and long-term retention.

  • Take Time to Train

If you’re hanging on to all the “important” assignments because you don’t trust your staff to do a good job or are worried about some other negative outcome, do something about this. What’s the problem? Is it something training can fix? Dynamic delegators don’t balk at the need to provide training. They make it their business to find the time and resources for it. And this doesn’t always mean “classroom” training. Many people learn by doing and pick up quickly when they have a chance to watch you in action, for example. Share some of the spotlight. Let them accompany you to that next key meeting so that they can learn first-hand what’s expected and how to handle informational pressures, office politics, or other thorny issues. Let them in on how you construct and critique your own documents. Don’t view this as a drain on your time and energy. You’ll make a nice return on your investment in the form of confidence in your staff’s ability to handle these tasks and challenges with aplomb in the future.

Become a dynamic delegator. Lighten up. Let go. Shed your fears of competition. Relax the need for control. There’s room for everyone in the Success tent, and your staff have egos too. Give them a chance to shine. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that the talented people who work for you will help you shine brighter than you do on your own.

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