Stay Motivated During Summer Doldrums

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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It’s summertime and the workplace is chillin’. Many of your colleagues and senior management are on vacation, making it tough for you to feel like doing very much. Enjoy some downtime, but take advantage of a good opportunity to enhance yourself professionally as well as personally.

  • Show Your Stuff

Use this time to act on all those creative ideas that pop into your head but that you never have the time to work on. All those suggestions about how things would run better if only this or that were done on the job. Catch up on required tasks and projects, but don’t rest on your laurels once they’re done – tackle some new areas of interest so that you keep yourself motivated, stimulated, and show your star power.

  • Expand Your Network

Since you have some time on your hands now, it is likely that others do too. Identify those in your organization you’ve been meaning to contact and get in touch with them. What about those who are usually unapproachable? They may be wandering the halls just like you looking to pass the time. This is a prime opportunity to gain face time with these individuals, so put some energy into doing so. Include contacts outside your organization because these folks are probably freer now too. Those in business for themselves can use these slow periods to cultivate new relationships and may find that their breakfast, lunch, or dinner invitations are more likely accepted because people are feeling a little less stressed and pressed for time.

  • Have Some Fun

What better time to take some half days or long weekends than right now? Just because you can’t get away for a full vacation doesn’t mean you can’t use this slow time to enjoy yourself. Get home early to enjoy your significant other and/or your kids. Take your friend up on that golf game. Dust off the hobby you haven’t been able to get to all year. Escape to the spa. These activities are restorative and rejuvenating and help to clear your head and lift your spirits so that you feel like working when you’re at the office.

The doldrums of summer are a great time to take action and make connections that highlight your competencies and distinguish you from your peers. This is also a time to re-energize so that you are fortified and ready for the wave of stress and activity that will resume once the workplace gears up again. Make this time count. You’ll be glad you did.


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