Introvert? Interested In Sales? Go For It!

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Think you’ve got to be an extrovert to succeed in sales? Think again. Whether you work for a company or are the owner of a business that you must promote yourself, take heart – you don’t have to be a back-slapping “people person” to make it. Introverts can succeed, too. How do they do it?

  • Introverts Keep Their Egos in Check

Introverts cultivate solid relationships with their clients because they don’t overwhelm them with a lot of sizzle and don’t compete with them for attention. They keep their egos in check and allow clients to occupy center stage. This enables you to observe your customers well, to give them plenty of room to express themselves and to fully state their needs.

  • Introverts Listen Well

Feeling no strong need to hear themselves talk, introverts encourage their clients to do the talking instead. People like this and feel well-listened to and understood. Introverts often excel at reading between the lines – and may be quicker than their more extroverted, chatty colleagues to discover that, though the customer is asking for one thing, they actually want and need something else to become a truly satisfied customer.

  • Introverts Are Reflective Problem-Solvers

Once they understand the customer’s needs, introverts do well in stepping back to reflect upon the best course of action to meet these needs. Clients often describe them as highly knowledgeable and attentive to detail — critical thinkers who can come up with creative solutions in the face of complexity. You take your time, do your homework, and persevere even when confronted with distractions and obstacles in order to get the job done.

  • Skills That Need Strengthening

You will increase your effectiveness in sales if you keep working on your sensitivity to rejection. This is a sore spot for you and keeps you from faring well when you have to vigorously promote yourself and your goods or services to strangers. Until you strengthen these skills, you will work best with a defined territory or client list – especially where customers already know you and your job is to continue to meet their needs. Colleagues may be surprised to see how your clients keep buying more and more from you. But get help from mentors or coaches when your caseload drops and you have to go prospecting for new business. Learn how to face the rejection that everyone in sales and business promotion must live with to some degree. Get better at not taking it so personally. Seek professional development to understand how to do this and watch your sales soar even more!

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