Bounce Back From Being Bounced

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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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It can be quite a blow to be fired from your job. We all like to think we’re fabulous and can master any position. But sometimes it’s the case that people successfully talk themselves into jobs that are not for them. After a few weeks or months, it becomes apparent that there is a mismatch and that it’s time for the individual to go. Handling this rejection is tough for even the hardiest ego. No one likes to feel like a failure. But it’s best to accept the fact that things are not working out and that it’s time to move on.

  • Accept That It’s Over

When all signs point to the fact that you’re in over your head, concede defeat and accept that perhaps you jockeyed into a position because it offered a great salary and benefits, but you really didn’t have sufficient qualifications to handle the job. If you can’t take a crash course quickly and get all the skills you need to master this job or don’t have a mentor or coach to see you through the minefield, then its time to bail out – gracefully.

  • Put Your Energies Into Finding A New Job

It’s natural to want to defend your honor and reputation when you’re lacking in a job, but resist this temptation. Let it go. This job is not for you and the energy you’ll spend trying to defend yourself will be better spent finding better employment. Consult with a career counselor about the best direction for your future and let placement professionals help you find good opportunities. There are alternatives out there, so don’t feel trapped.

  • Come Out Of The Closet

When things aren’t going well, it’s understandable that you want to withdraw and hide out. Fight the fear and force yourself to go out instead. This is a time to mix and mingle, and to make sure people know you’re on the market and exactly what type of job you’re looking for. Don’t leave it to them to guess. Spell it out and be sure to follow up on any leads you get.

  • Bounce Back

Termination is ugly. There is no way to feel good about being fired. But understand that the outcome of being fired can be positive if it forces you to consider different work options and motivates you to take a new job that showcases the best in your talents and abilities. Enjoy the new opportunities and don’t look back.

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