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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Another year of failed resolutions? You’re not alone. We all have the best intentions when we set annual career goals, but typically we enjoy the dreaming part and don’t do much work to actually make these dreams come true. Sometimes it’s just a matter of staying focused. Sometimes we have to have a consistent push. Often these dreams are too nebulous and don’t have visualizable goals. A coach can help you better identify where’re trying to go in your career and help you actually take the steps necessary to get there.

  • What is a Coach?

A coach is an individual who helps you grow and maximize your potential. He or she is an objective sounding board who can help you identify attitudes and behaviors that may be holding you back, but that are not due to “psychological problems”. Coaching is not therapy and is not intended to cure emotional distress created by past or present difficulties. Though you will certainly feel better once you are succeeding towards the changes you want to make in your life, the focus in on enhancing and making better use of your strengths and abilities – increasing your success skills to propel you forward – not dwelling on deficits and looking backwards. Your coach may be a psychologist with advanced education and specialized training in such matters, but will not be conducting psychotherapy. If this is what is determined that you really need, that will be discussed with you so you can receive this type of help.

  • What Kind of Coach Do I Need?

The type of coach you need depends upon your goals. There are coaches in practically all walks of life to help you make personal lifestyle changes such as healthier eating and exercise, for example, or to help you set career advancement goals such as getting a higher paying job, promoting your business, or transitioning to retirement activities you will enjoy once you stop working. Sometimes it is best for you to hire a coach who has very specific technical knowledge and experience, such as in corporate recruitment, practice development, or business management. The specific information they can give you may be what you need to take your success to the next level. Or, sometimes your need is for a coach to make sure you’re following up with things so that another year does not come and go with no progress made. Many times you will find a coach who can provide both and that will be great for you. But, remember that your needs are fluid as you advance and grow. You may need one type of coach today and quite another a year from now.

  • How Do I Find a Coach?

As with many things in life, you are likely to prefer a coach that has been recommended to you. The friend, associate, or professional who knows you and makes a referral is more likely than a stranger to identify a coach that you will feel comfortable with. Just be sure to check credentials to make sure the coach has the background and skills you need, and is truly an “expert” in the area he or she claims. And don’t hesitate to move on to someone else if you find that the chemistry just isn’t right. Most professionals are accustomed to being interviewed in one form or another and should not be put off by your need to learn what they have to offer, what it’s going to cost, whether the coaching will take place by phone, by e-mail or other telecommunication method, in person, alone or with others, and so forth. There now are many organizations representing coaches and providing information and referrals. Contact them if you can’t get personal recommendations or can’t find the specific type of coach you need on your own.

If another New Year has found you regretting a lack of movement in your career, do something different this time. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Make yourself a priority and contact a coach to crank up your career this year!

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