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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Are you as far along in life as you want to be? Chances are the answer is “no,” often because of attention to everybody else’s needs but your own. Live up to your full potential. Step back, reflect upon your life, and identify just where you’d like things to be. The New Year is a perfect time to do so.

Evaluate the Success of Your Career

Take stock of the position you hold at work. Where are you and where do you want to be? If you say “at the top,” what are you doing to get there?

People who are highly successful have a clear idea of the next job they’re shooting for. They carefully study someone who’s already in that position or in one that’s similar and identify the attitudes and behaviors that person displays. They also compare qualifications. Then they take a close – often painful – look at themselves. They realize they may have to develop some new skills or change behavior that’s holding them back. It’s not enough to just want success; you’ve got to work at it.

So, what do you see when you give yourself the “Ready for success?” examination? Need to go back to school to upgrade your education? Need to attend a workshop to strengthen your networking skills? Not quite ready for “prime time” in the professional image department? Take action to fix these problems.

Get Rid of the Excuses

You are your own worst enemy when you make excuses for not moving forward toward your goals. “No money,” you say, but don’t you always find it somewhere for the things you want? Cut back on some of the wants and use the money for what you need. “No time?” Then there is no better time to learn how to manage your time more effectively. Make yourself a priority and take care of your needs. All the other things that require your time will benefit if you’re moving forward in your life. “No support?” Surround yourself with people who, like you, are on the move and are going places in life. Dump the losers. It can be painful to let go of some friendships and relationships, but if people are threatened by your success or are a drain on your time and emotions, don’t give yourself a choice. Let them go.

There are plenty of positive networking organizations, business forums and support groups that can help you grow. Seek them out and then follow up with the people you meet. Stay with the winners!

The New Year is a time for taking stock of past accomplishments and for setting new goals. But, to get ahead:

· Shoot high. – Don’t be afraid to live up to your potential.

· Visualize the “win.” See yourself in the new role you desire.

· Study someone who’s already made in it in that role.

· Identify what you need to change or improve to give you the same attitude, skills and behavior.

· Make the changes!

Start today. Even a little step puts you closer to your goal.


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