Make Time For Fun This Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time for practitioners as patients deal with the mix of emotions and stresses that the season triggers. But you don’t have to work day and night, so get into the spirit and make time for some fun too!

  • Attend Events

You’re probably receiving lots of invitations to holiday parties and other events. Say “Yes!” to some of them. This is a great time to network — both for business as well as personal reasons. And you’re likely well overdue for just plain fun, so enjoy some of the unique activities that take place this time of year.

  • Visit With Colleagues

Though everyone is busy right now, it’s an uplifting time and a great occasion to connect with colleagues who may be able to make time to chat on the phone or get together with you. Ask to visit at their office or invite them to yours. Provide a light lunch or munchies with a festive touch, and use this time to catch up on news or simply to get to know them better. If you have the resources and inclination, host a holiday party yourself as merry decompression for everyone!

  • Enjoy Time Off!

When things shut down during the holidays, enjoy some well-deserved time off. Hide your phone and keep your computer off so you’re not tempted to squeeze in a little work. Spend the time with your family or doing things you like to do on your own. The downtime will help you return to the office feeling refreshed and ready to enter the New Year.

Do things differently this holiday season. Take care of your busy schedule, but take care of yourself too!


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