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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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‘Tis the season to be jolly and to network! There’s no better time to meet new people and to let them know about your practice. Social engagements abound this time of year, so take advantage of these great networking opportunities.

  • Attend Holiday Events

Though you work with people every day, paradoxically you may shy away from social events. You may want to enjoy quiet time when you’re off duty, but also may be more introverted than you realize. Push through this. Your practice can’t promote itself and social activities are great forums to introduce yourself. RSVP so that you commit yourself to attending and to increase the likelihood that you’ll show up.

  • Do Your Homework Before You Go

You’re attending a social event, but remember that you’re attending to conduct business too, so do your homework in advance. Make sure you know something about your hosts and sponsoring organizations, as well as other guests who may be there. This will help you to initiate chit chat, but also will enable you to be prepared to answer questions about how your services may be of help to them and their clients. Take plenty of business cards and keep a sample of promotional materials in your car in case anyone wants more information. Always be ready for business!

  • Have Fun!

After a year of long hours and hard work, have fun! Social events are meant to be uplifting and restorative, and can be a source of much-needed support while also being good for your bottom line. The holidays are a great time for you to be out and about promoting your practice. People are in a merry mood, so join the fun while giving folks an opportunity to learn about you and what you do.

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