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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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It’s a great time of year to network. Expect invitations to countless holiday parties, so take advantage of these terrific opportunities to make some new contacts!

  • Accept Invitations

Make time in your schedule to attend the events you’re invited to. All of your business and professional associations will host some type of holiday gathering. Your social organizations will too. Get out of your office! You may not know everyone there, but that’s exactly the point –- to meet some new faces who possibly can direct business your way. And take note of other holiday events whose attendees may be good referral sources even if you don’t know any of these people. Ask the host if the event is open to non-members and indicate that you’d like to attend. Yes, the cost of going to all these events will add up. But people can’t refer to you if they don’t know about you. So squeeze your budget as best you can, and chalk up the expense to the cost of doing business.

  • Remember You’re On Business

Holiday events are festive so it’s easy to get caught up in the fun. But remember you’re attending on business, not simply to enjoy yourself. Don’t plop down at a table and chat with the same folks all night. Work the room. Exchange plenty of business cards. Take time to learn about the people you’re meeting. Get good at quickly figuring out how the services you provide may help their patients or clients. Jot a note on the back of their card and let them know that you’ll be happy to follow up with them. And keep office brochures and informational/promotional material in your car so that you can hand them out on the spot if anyone asks for more information.

  • Follow Up

Once the event is over, be sure to follow up with those you’ve met. A simple “It was nice to meet you at the xx event” Is fine. But feel free to include any brief material you think they might find helpful and enclose another business card or e-contact card. But, remember that one-size-does-not-fit-all. Take time to think about the person you’re contacting and the best follow-up approach to use.

The holiday season is ripe for making new contacts. Take advantage of this great opportunity to pump some new prospects into your business pipeline for the New Year!

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