Polish Your Practice Image Online

Lots of practice marketing takes place online these days. Traditional methods are still important, but your online presence works 24 hours a day. Make sure that it’s working for you, and not against you!

  • Keep Your Website Looking Good

Most practitioners start out with a decent looking website, but some are little more than an online business card to provide basic contact information. And many times this information is dated, showing a fax number that is no longer in use or announcing a speaking engagement whose date has long passed, for example. This suggests that you’re not on top of your game, and raises question about how attentive you are in the care of your patients. And some clinicians have learned that they can make money by allowing commercial advertising on their sites. Consequently, their sites greet prospective clients with all kinds of sales pitches that flash, pop-up, or slide across the page. Often these ads have absolutely nothing to do with the practice specialty, making it appear that you’re more interested in “selling” than you are in meeting patient needs. Keep your site tasteful, and keep it up to date.

  • Exhibit Your Expertise

Your website is a great platform for educating the public about your area of specialty. Prospective patients are looking at your website for a reason, so make sure you’re providing sufficient information to help them decide why they should contact you instead of another practitioner. Make their visit meaningful by providing information about the solutions to problems they that interest them. Some clinicians resist doing this for fear that the patient won’t contact them for services if they give out too much information. But remember that self-help is valuable too, and that a person may not make an appointment today, yet may call tomorrow.

  • Update Online Profiles

Even if you’ve never completed an online profile to be included in a free digital directory of specialists, chances are you have one on the Internet anyway. Look for your name on the well-known referral sites, and then conduct a search for any others. The basic information about you and your practice are likely to be accurate, but often the profile shows empty data fields, making it appear that you don’t have those qualifications or areas of practice. Though it’s a hassle to have to set up usernames and passwords for all these sites, it’s important for viewers to receive the information and practice image you wish want to portray. These are good promotional opportunities ― particularly since you don’t have to pay for them! But when the sites are a poor reflection of your field or otherwise associate you with something unflattering or unprofessional, don’t just let this go. Take steps to have your page deleted.

Your practice image online must be as positive as the one you present to patients in person. It’s an extension of your professional reputation, so make sure the information and images portrayed are professional too!

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