Managing Your Practice “Brand”



E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Congratulations. You understand that your practice has a “brand”. Now take care to manage it carefully. Many practitioners resist this because they want to focus on patient care. But you won’t have patients to care for if your brand is not a success promoter, so continuously give it the attention it needs.

  • Keep Your Focus

By this point in your career, you have a brand focus. Stick with it. New areas of practice will come and go, but try to associate new services you want to offer with your existing brand, even if this requires some creativity. Known for working with couples and now interested in eating disorders? Think of the specialty work you can do with couples who are struggling with these issues. Early childhood expert? Now interested in elder care? Consider the unique programs you can offer to grandparents. Get the training you need to prepare yourself for these new services, but don’t abandon your well-established niche. Think outside of the box and get some branding consultation if you get stuck.

  • Look for Inconsistencies

Even when you’re doing a great job of honing your brand, it’s possible to overlook things that can undermine it. For example, you’re promoting your teen practice but only hold membership in organizations that target adults. You’re trying to attract new referrals from the arts community, but have no expressions of the arts in your office or marketing materials. These inconsistencies subtly contradict your brand and can challenge your credibility. Step back and look with a fresh set of eyes. You’ll be surprised at the incongruities you spot.

  • Keep It Positive

The best thing you can do for your brand is to keep it positive. Practice good risk management and continuously monitor patient satisfaction. And don’t be afraid to refer to colleagues. You can’t see everybody. In this digital age, negatives spread like wildfire and, more importantly, usually reflect some area of practice management that needs improvement. As a private practitioner, it’s easy to become isolated and out of touch with changes you need to make in your business. Actively participate in professional associations to stay current on best practices, and seek formal consultation as needed.

Though you’re in the business of helping others — your business needs your help too. Monitor and manage your brand so that it remains a positive promoter of your success!

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