To Accept New Referrals, Expand Your Training

You will get many referrals for services you don’t currently provide. While you can’t evaluate and treat conditions you don’t have the training for, some may peak your interest and motivate you to get the training you need.

  • Start By Reading

Before investing a lot of time and money in a new skill that you don’t know anything about, start by reading. It’s easy to let your journals and newsletters pile up when you run your own practice and have so many other things to do, but dig out a few and see what you can learn. Some people prefer to read online or do quick searches for information. Fine. Start there. And don’t forget Listservs. There’s probably one in the new area you’re thinking about and it’ll be better for you to learn about the pros and cons directly from colleagues who are practicing in the trenches.

  • Get Training

If your interest in a new area holds up, get some training. A short CE workshop can introduce you the field and to new colleagues too, and longer seminars can cover quite a bit so that you get a good grasp of just how to conduct the new evaluation or treatment procedure. Many conferences are devoted entirely to skill-development and are popular cost-effective ways of re-tooling. And, of course, you can always enroll in formal academic study to get the depth of training you need. Though self-study is an option too, make this a last resort. Remember the gravity of the types of diagnostic and treatment decisions you have to make each day and why you require solid knowledge and proficiency to make them.

  • Collegial Consultation

In addition to structured training, start building a network of experts you can call or meet with for consultation as necessary. Don’t feel you’re too “seasoned” to need them for supervision as you start out in the new field. You may be an experienced practitioner ― but not in this area, so don’t let arrogance keep you from benefiting from the superior expertise of others.

Changes in the marketplace or evolving changes in your interests may motivate you to want to expand your practice. Take care to expand your training too so you can render your new services with the high level of skill and quality that you’re so well known for.

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