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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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The lazy days of summer are here and many practitioners experience a slowdown of both new referrals and regulars this time of year. Though no one likes a slump in revenue, take advantage of the downtime to catch up on paperwork and all that filing you keep promising to do. More importantly, use the time to reach out to colleagues and those who may have more time to connect with you now that their schedule is less hectic too.

  • Make Calls

Yes, I know. You’d rather text your colleagues than pick up the phone but unless you know them well, use networking methods that enable them to stay buffered if they want to. Connect with their receptionists, leave an upbeat message on their voice mail, and be specific about the best time to reach you. Give them the option to respond by email if they wish since they may find it convenient to dash off a quick note at midnight, but don’t have to feel put on the spot if they don’t.

  • Get Out of the Office

Once you connect with others, invite them to lunch or accept their invitation to get together. If your budget is limited, offer to drop by their office for a brief visit or invite them to yours. Provide some light refreshments and use the time to chat about items of interest to you both. These may be practice development tips, clinical issues, or general news about the profession that helps you stay up to date. Many times these short visits will lead to social invitations that can prove beneficial for future networking. And getting out in the community will help you identify other possible referral sources worth making a site visit to.

  • Mail Promotional Materials

Other than what you set out in your waiting room, most of your promotional materials are probably gathering dust in the supply closet. Get them out of there! Summer is a great time to craft a great cover letter and send your materials out to existing and prospective referral sources. Contrary to opinions otherwise, direct mail is not dead and some of the people you contact prefer to receive information this way. It provides them with something tangible to give to patients, and saves them and their staff time when trying to make a referral to you. Make it as easy for them as possible.

Don’t fall into a slump during the slowed pace of summer. Take advantage of the opportunity to cultivate some new referral relationships and to have some fun while strengthening those you already have!

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