Disorganization Can Destroy Your Practice

Excellent practitioners can see their practices go down the drain because they are disorganized. Their patients love them, but simply have to move on when it becomes clear that the business side of the practice is a mess. Practitioners with no administrative staff are especially vulnerable since they have to handle everything themselves. So if you’re disorganized and you know it, get a grip before your patients bid you farewell.

• Manage Your Schedule

You can’t help your patients if you can’t keep up with their appointments. Many practitioners are still trying to transition from paper appointment books to phone apps and desktop technologies, but are having trouble making the switch. Inadvertently, some appointments get lost, so the patient shows up and you’re not in the office. Or you sit and wait, but the appointment is on a different day or time. For now, pick one method of scheduling. Hopefully, you’ll choose the one you can use most proficiently and consistently for now.

• Get Your Billing In Order

Nothing pushes patients out the door faster than problems collecting the correct amount they are due from insurance reimbursement and getting it promptly. They understand that delays may occur because of insurance company rigmarole, but really get frosted when your failure to submit claims or other requirements is the cause. And self-pay clients get annoyed when you don’t have an organized system for providing receipts and statements. Money talks, so expect patients to walk if you can’t get it together.

• Tidy Your Office

Disorganization can show in more than failed policies and procedures. Your office betrays signs of it too. If your files and test materials are strewn everywhere, it can raise question about how well you maintain confidentiality, much less how proficient you really are. Messy magazine racks and resource tables reflect poorly, as do overflowing trash cans and unclean bathrooms. You are responsible for everything in your practice, so if you can’t keep up with these tasks yourself, hire the help you need.

Disorganization takes a toll on your practice and can contribute to its demise. When you start losing patients because of this, shore up your resolve, as well as your business operations.

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