Make Connections At Conventions

Conventions are a great opportunity to combine professional development with vacation. Popular destinations abound, making it possible for you to stay current with the latest information in your field while enjoying fun recreation too. But don’t just “attend.” Participate in activities with a purpose, and be strategic about the people you meet while there.

  • Who Do You Want To Meet?

Conventions are great forums to meet association leaders and other “celebrities.” It’s exciting to hear them speak and to shake hands, but also include less formal activities that enable you to spend time talking to them so you can get to know them and — more importantly, so they can get to know you.

  • Who Do You Need To Meet?

While it may feel more gratifying to your ego to meet the conference big whigs, make a point to meet practitioners and industry reps from your town that you don’t know. Some may be speakers on the program, but look for colleagues among the participants at workshops and social events hosted by your local chapter, affiliates, or sponsors. In addition to broadening your professional network, these folks may become future referral sources.

  • Enjoy Yourself!

Though it’s important to remain strategic in your attendance at conferences, have fun too! For some, it’s your only big vacation of the year, so make the most of both purposes: business and pleasure.

Convention networking is important, so get good at it. In addition to connecting with high profilers from elsewhere, you’ll meet many local colleagues who may become sources of new opportunity for you!

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