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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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Practitioners are serious about their patients and work hard every day to help them feel better and to thrive. But they don’t always put the same energy and attention into the management of their businesses. This can cause you to project a sloppy or even unprofessional brand image even though you’re a top- notch clinician. Take care to manage both the clinical and administrative operations of your practice tightly.

  • Return Your Calls

Sure, you have a receptionist or office manager to field many calls, but some folks are calling to speak to you. These may be prospective patients who have questions that your appointment setter can’t answer. Others may be possible referral sources or players in the community who want to connect with you. Don’t appear tacky and unsophisticated by failing to call people back. Once aggravated by this snub, forget about doing business with them. While it’s fine to have a gatekeeper if this fits your clinical orientation, don’t put your convenience over communications that may be important business drivers.

  • Handle Paperwork

In addition to retuning calls, follow through with promised reports, correspondence, and other documents. Provide financial receipts and process insurance filings promptly so that both you and your patient can be paid in a timely manner. Many clients fail to return to practitioners because of the insufficient attention to such matters – provoking anxiety and raising question about the quality of the clinical care they’re receiving.

  • Delegate–Don’t Abrogate

Though you may have psychometrists, associates, and consultants assisting you, remember that this is your practice and that the buck stops with you. Ultimately, all clinical responsibility is yours. Don’t get caught up in the headiness of success as your business grows. It can become easy to forget that you now have even more checks and balances to put in place and to manage in order to ensure a prosperous, but clinically sound and ethical practice. So don’t get carried away. Though your financial rewards increase, so do your responsibilities and liabilities.

Clinical practice is serious business and requires you to be serious about the business of your practice. As you stay on top of all the clinical details, be sure to shine in the management of all the administrative details too.

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