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E. Carol Webster, Ph.D.
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By now, your back to school promotion should be in high gear. If your phone is not ringing, you’re not getting your message out to potential referrals. Whether you work with children, teens, young adults, adults — even seniors, there’s a need for your specialty in the back to school market. Are you getting information about your practice out to them?

  • How Can You Help?

Take the time to think about how the assessment and treatment services you provide can help those who are heading off to school. Can you identify learning problems? Needs for special instruction or enrichment? Special accommodations in the learning environment? Make your expertise known. And think about the many ways you can help learners and their families cope with the stresses associated with these issues. Families want relief and who better to help them learn more adaptive strategies than you.

  • Inform Existing Patients

But before you launch a special marketing campaign to attract new prospects, don’t forget to remind existing patients of your back to school expertise. There are many ways to do this. Post information in your waiting room. Display interesting literature about back to school issues. And if your budget allows, order school-themed advertising specialties personalized with your practice information. Children love these items, but adults do too, so invest in them if you can. They continue to promote your practice well after the office visit and usually pay for themselves in the long run.

  • Educate Your Web Audience

By all means, let the general public know about your services! But communicate with your web audience before spending a lot of time and money on other random marketing campaigns. Chances are you already have a good following on your website and social media sites, so make sure these folks know about your back to school services. Some may only need information, but will appreciate getting it from you – an expert they trust. Others will need appointments, so let them know how you can help them make the back to school transition. And if you’re not continually building this type of content on your sites, get some help! Don’t remain the best-kept secret in town.

The back to school time of year is a great time to promote yourself and your services. Be sure to communicate how you can help at this critical time of year in the lives of many learners and their families.

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